Better Ergonomics can keep your employees safer and boost the bottom line

Customized job descriptions are the building blocks of a successful workers compensation program

NJ Ergonomics builds on a knowledge of analyzing physical and postural demands of occupations to help reduce workplace injuries as well as help employers utilize the Interactive Dialogue to accommodate employees when possible.  The staff of NJ Ergonomics has been involved in the physical abilities side of the workers compensation field since 2004.

NJ Ergonomics staff have evaluated over 40 different job titles in a diverse set of work environments for the purpose of creating customized job descriptions that have been used for post-offer physical abilities testing, functional capacity evaluations, validation of accommodations, and determining appropriate modifications to improve workplace ergonomics.

Our staff has has performed ergonomic measurements to define the essential tasks of  positions in healthcare environments, chemical processing plants, school settings, municipal and county government settings, law enforcement, and more.  

Professional Services

We offer a variety of professional services that will help you to reduce injuries, reduce workers compensation costs, and improve efficiency of your business

Comprehensive Programs

Our dynamic programs cover businesses in a variety of stages and sizes. Our staff can help select the best options based on your company’s specific needs.

Amazing Results

Our staff has helped to implement award winning customized job description and pre-employment physical demands testing programs that have successfully reduced workers compensation costs for employers.